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A #SAT-based Network Reliability Method for Acyclic NetworksRoger Paredes • Leonardo Duenas-Osorio A Combinatorial Approach for Single-cell Variant Detection via Phylogenetic InferenceMohammadamin Edrisi • Hamim Zafar • Luay Nakhleh A Data Driven Approach to Hurricane Debris ModelingCatalina Gonzalez Dueñas • Carl Bernier • Jamie E. Padgett A Machine Learning Based Approach for Recursive Voxel Level Dose Distribution Prediction in Proton Beam Radiation Therapy: Preliminary ResultsAntony Adair • Armand Ovanessians • Pablo Yepes A representation of principal component analysis to identify the age-adjusted mortality rate factor attributesSoumava Dey A Transfer Learning Approach to Real-time Seizure PredictionYan Huang • Xiaojin Li • Shiqiang Tao • Guo-Qiang Zhang Abnormality Detection in Humerus Radiographs using Machine Learning ModelsGovind Chada Accurate prediction of boundaries of high resolution topologically associated domains (TADs) in fruit flies using deep learningPranik Chainani • Benjamin Soibam • John Henderson An Integrative Data Repository for Studying Risk Factors Associated with Pressure Injuries Resulting from Spinal Cord InjuryNingzhou Zeng • Steve Roggenkamp • Kath Bogie • Shiqiang Tao • Guo-Qiang Zhang An Intelligent Drone carrying a Hammer and Sound Detection Micro-computer for Structural Damage AnalysisTing Zhang • Dan Xu • Jiang Lu Applying Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Drug Metabolism PredictionEleni Litsa • Nicole Mitchell • Lydia Kavraki AskAna: Retrieval Based Virtual Assistant for Digital Operations and Field DevelopmentAvisha Das • Ricardo Fernandez Automated Field Development Recommendation with Integration of Physics and AIBicheng Yan • Hector Klie Automated Pothole Detection Using Fleet Accelerometer DataKate Weeks Barcoding of Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Application of the Species ProblemSiyi Chen • Marek Kimmel • Katherine King Be a Copycat: Uncharted Rewards by Mimicking Expert Action SequencesAnshumali Shrivastava • Tharun Medini Blitz-scaling Machine Learning models from one equipement to thousandsTrygve Karper Can Deep Learning Predict Chaos ?Mingchao Jiang • Devika Subramanian • Krishna Palem • Pedram Hassanzadeh Challenges for the Application of Machine Learning in Real-Time Flood Alert SystemsMatthew Garcia • Philip Bedient Computational Techniques for Sensitive and Accurate Threat Screening of OligonucleotidesDreycey Albin • Dan Nasko • Jacob Lu • Leo Elworth • Advait Balaji • Gene Godbold • Krista Ternus • Todd Treangen • Pravin Mathu Data driven discovery of design principles in E. coliSatyajit Rao • Oleg Igoshin Data Mining the Angiome: A New Platform for Characterizing Disease Progression and Drug EfficacyPavel Govyadinov • Jiaming Guo • Guoning Chen • Jason Eriksen • David Mayerich Determining Background Levels of Air Pollution Through the Use of Hidden Markov and Generalized Additive ModelsBlake Actkinson • David Miller • Katie Moore • Ramon Alvarez • Katherine Ensor • Rob Griffin Disaster Maps: Mapping Damage and Sentiment from TwitterCarlos Villegas • Matthew Krause Distributed Learning of Deep Neural Networks using Independent Subnet TrainingBinhang Yuan • Anastasios Kyrillidis • Chris Jermaine DropConnect Is Effective in Modeling Uncertaintyof Approximate Bayesian Neural NetworksAryan Mobiny • Hien Van Nguyen Examining the Effects of Cancer Cell Line Genetics on Drug EfficacyNicholas Falkenberg • Qi Jing Yap • Ashwin Pothukuchi Facility Downtime Prediction through Deep Learning Based Anomaly DetectionShahin Boluki • Mustafa Kara • Ajay Singh First arrival picking using U-net with Lovasz loss and nearest point picking methodPengyu Yuan • Wenyi Hu • Xuqing Wu • Jiefu Chen • Hien Van Nguyen Forecasting Time Series of Counts using Dynamic Linear ModelsBrian King • Daniel Kowal Gene Expression High-Dimensional Clustering towards a Novel, Robust, Clinically Relevant and Highly Compact Cancer SignatureEnzo Battistella • Maria Vakalopoulou • Roger Sun • Théo Estienne • Marvin Lerousseau • Charlotte Robert • Nikos Paragios • Eric Deutsch Generic Deep Learning Approach to Semantically Segment Chromatin Regions in Genomics Hi-C Petapixel MapsAudrey Lu • Dat Nguyen • Muhammad Saad Shamim • Yossi Eliaz • Alyssa Blackburn • Ivan Bochkov • Erez Aiden Hospital Length of Stay AnalyticsAbiodun Akogun Identifying genetic markers associated with Alzheimer’s Disease progression through image phenotypingDanilo Pena • Assaf Gottlieb • Luca Giancardo INTRUSION DETECTION FOR IoT DEVICES BASED ON RF FINGERPRINTING USING DEEP LEARNINGJoshua Bassey • Damilola Adesina • Lijun Qian • Xianfang Li Leveraging Synthetic Data for Efficient Optical Character Recognition on Technical DiagramsConrad Goffinet • Pushkar Kumar Jain • Henry Lin • Roy Keyes Machine Learning Applications in Seismic Resilience Modeling of Intermodal Freight Transportation NetworksSushreyo Misra • Jamie Padgett Operable Compression of Data OperationsJonathan Jerke • Bill Poirier Physician-Friendly Machine Learning: A Case Study with Cardiovascular Disease Risk PredictionMeghana Padmanabhan • Pengyu Yuan • Hien Van Nguyen • Govind Chada Piecewise Linear Fitting for Multi-Slope Regression DataNalinda Kulathunga • Yunjiao Wang • Daniel Vrinceanu • Nishanth Rajiv Ranasinghe • Lei Huang • Yonggao Yang Porosity Prediction Using the Spectral Decomposition Attributes and Deep LearningLian jiang • John Castagna • Leon Thomsen Portrait Painting with Neural Networks: A Stroke-based SVG AutoencoderShawn Olichwier Predicting Future Mood, Health, and Calmness using Deep Machine LearningHan Yu • Akane Sano Predicting upcoming laboratory earthquakes using shallow and deep approachesChang-Chun Lee • Yunwei Hu • Qiushuo Su • Zhenzhen Zhong • Licheng Zhang • Cheng Zhan Single-cell DNA Sequencing Data Analysis: Benchmarking Tools for Copy Number Aberration DetectionXian Fan • Mohammadamin Edrisi • Nicholas Navin • Luay Nakhleh SmartExchange: Trading Higher-cost Memory Storage/Access for Lower-cost ComputationYang Zhao • Xiaohan Chen • Pengfei Xu • Lei Deng • Yue Wang • Weitao Li • Yuan Xie • Zhangyang Wang • Yingyan Lin SUMMARIZING EMOTIONS AND TOPICS IN LARGE TWEET DATASETSAnjana Kummari • Christoph Eick Tensor Networks for Probabilistic ReasoningJeffrey M. Dudek • Leonardo Duenas-Osorio • Moshe Y. Vardi Understanding the dynamics of reservoir computing in chaotic dynamical systemsAdam Subel • Ashesh Chattopadhyay • Pedram Hassanzadeh Utilizing Statistical and Machine Learning Models to Best Predict Graduate Level AdmittanceMarina Zafiris • Joshua Iberossi • Ann Nguyen Web-based Interactive Visualization of Non-Lattice Subgraphs in SNOMED CTWei Zhu • Shiqiang Tao • Cong Li • GQ Zhang